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The following downloadable forms are available here for your convenience. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at seehawaiiwork@higoodwill.org. Fax or mail completed forms to one of our SEE Hawaii Work locations listed here.

_KPM1857_0011. DHS 841 SEE Employer Application
Employer Application to partner with the SEE Hawaii Work Program. The Employer Application is completed at initial set-up and annually thereafter.

2. DHS 766 SEE Job Order – Employers use the SEE Job Order to provide the details of the job vacancies they would like to refer job candidates to.

3. DHS 770 SEE Interview Referral – Employers use the SEE Interview Referral to notify SEE of their job candidate selections.

4. DHS 767 SEE Agreement – Contract for Employer reimbursement.

5. DHS 769 SEE Employer Invoice – Employer use the SEE Employer Invoice to make a reimbursement claim.

6. DHS 768 SEE Client Evaluation – Employers use the SEE Client Evaluation to
provide feedback on the work progress of their employee.

7. DHS 847 DHS Portal DPP Administrator Application – Employers use the DHS
Portal DPP Administrator Application to request a login to the reimbursement

8. DHS 848 Portal Terms and Conditions Employer Agreement – Employers must
agree to the terms and conditions of the reimbursement website.