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Destroying sensitive documents is not just a smart business decision—it is a legal necessity. Secure Solution Document Destruction offers you the most cost-effective way to meet federal and state law requirements.

Secure Solution employs Redundant Systems Security at every link in the chain of custody of your documents to ensure confidentiality. We guarantee the privacy of your documents throughout the document destruction process involving pickup, transportation and shredding.
The following safeguards maintain security at every stage:

At Your Office

Documents are secured in locked containers before leaving your office.

On the Road

  • Locked containers are loaded onto the Secure Solution truck.
  • The truck cargo door must be closed and locked for the engine to start.
  • Our truck is outfitted with constant GPS route-tracking through deployment, pickup and delivery.

At Our State-of-the-Art Facility

  • Multiple security perimeters, electronic restricted-access entries and overnight security staff control on-site activity.
  • Motion sensors deter and prevent trespassers.
  • Our video surveillance system records 90 days of activity within the document destruction area.
  • Our equipment shreds documents into 5/16” strips, half the size of shredding industry standards.
  • Your documents are intermixed with other clients’ documents to prevent any attempt at unauthorized re-construction.

These services are currently available on Oahu only.

Every time your documents are shredded, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction, confirming that your documents were destroyed.