The History of the Little Black Dress – Glam Spotlight

A crisp white button-up blouse, pearl earrings, black peep-toe pumps and a Little Black Dress.  What do they all have in common, you ask? Closet Essentials that transcend time and trends. Fashion fans of all ages concur that every gal should have at least one “go-to” LBD or Little Black Dress.  According to Amy Holman Edelman, author of The Little Black Dress, if there’s one women’s fashion essential, it’s the LBD. She traces its popularity to a 1926 Coco Chanel drawing (pictured above) that graced  the pages of Vogue. Prior to that, it was noted that the black dress was a symbol of mourning or darkness.  Three years earlier, Chanel told Harper’s Bazaar that “simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”

Others have traced the Little Black Dress even further, dating back to 1923 in a Premet collectionThe look was called garçonne but the house referenced back to the Little Black Dress in 1924.  Speaking of first LBD’s, remember your first?   Share your first LBD story with us.

This week’s Glam Spotlight pictured above is one of my favorites, this “oh-so-classic” and flattering LBD is a Scarlett Nite dress,  priced under $15.00 – look for it at Goodwill Goes GLAM! in 2012Perhaps this Little Black Friday, you might want to avoid the crowds at the mall. Visit your nearest Goodwill store and look for a classic LBD.

In the year leading up to Goodwill Goes GLAM! in 2012, the Goodwill Hunter will highlight fashion finds set aside for THE big event. Goodwill Industries of Hawaii presents the inaugural Goodwill Goes GLAM!, a showcase of talent, treasure and style — all for a great cause. When you purchase items at Goodwill, know that more than 90 percent of the retail revenue goes to programs that help people with employment barriers become self-sufficient.


High Fashion Kickoff: Gala Dinner & Fashion show, plus After Party & Pre-sale: Aug. 23, 2012

Treasure Marketplace: Aug. 24 – 26, 2012

An exclusive fashion show featuring Hawaii’s top models and stylists will set the stage for an unprecedented marketplace of more than 20,000 square feet of glamour and vintage items donated by retail partners and collected from Goodwill stores. This major Island fashion event will put the spotlight on Hawaii’s style industry as an economic stimulator and contributor to job-creation, while offering the opportunity to explore Goodwill’s own educational, employment and training programs. Find out how you could get involved and be the first to get your tickets, for more information go to

Kukui Cup Salutes Goodwill, Andy South and Green Fashion

University of Hawaii at Manoa student Hana Bowers is a Communications Intern with the Kukui Cup Project, a National Science Foundation and University of Hawaii funded project that utilizes information technology to elevate students’ awareness about their energy consumption. Running from October 17 to November 6, the Kukui Cup competition was a series of workshops that showcased the means by which students may conserve energy. One of the workshops was the Recycled Fashion Design Workshop with Andy South, Season 8 Finalist of Project Runway. The goal [of the workshops] was to highlight the ways thrifted clothing and textiles can be reused and turned into high fashion.  This wasn’t the first time Andy South and Goodwill have worked together.  Andy is a supporter of Goodwill’s mission - helping people with employment barriers to reach their full potential and become self-sufficient.

Welcome our newest Guest Blogger Hana Bowers.  Here’s her story:

Fashion and sustainability are becoming exponentially trendy.  But the link between fashion and sustainability can be forgotten, or passed off as an avant-garde anomaly. However, the cohesion of these two trends is one that should be taken full advantage of, especially in Hawaii, where every resource is precious.  Two organizations devoted to sustainability in Hawaii, The Kukui Cup Project and Goodwill Industries of Hawaii, collaborated and celebrated the marriage of fashion and sustainability for the first ever Recycled Fashion Design Workshop, on the Hale Aloha Ilima Rooftop at the Freshman Residence Halls at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

The Kukui Cup is an innovative, three-week long, dorm energy competition which took place in the Hale Aloha Residence Halls at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa.  Neophytes in this endeavor, our goal is to utilize information technology to change the way in which Freshman living in the residence halls think about and consume energy.  One of the measures my colleagues and I have taken to achieve this goal is by hosting a series of interactive workshops in conjunction with local businesses and organizations, such as Goodwill Industries of Hawaii. The Recycled Fashion Design Workshop which took place [October 19] Wednesday night at the Hale Aloha Ilimia rooftop. With local designer and Project Runway Season 8 finalist, Andy South as our guest judge, prizes from Goodwill, and ono- licous desserts from Chef Kate of Not Just Desserts Hawaii, the workshop was bound to be a success!

One of the teams - creating the look for the Recycled Fashion Design Challenge

Five designers from the Apparel Product Merchandise Design Department (APDM) who are also part of the Manoa Innovators of Fashion Club volunteered to help me out with this event. Admittedly, I could not have done it without their creative skills, construction knowledge, and expertise! Each APDM student was the captain of a team of five students, all of whom are residents of one of the four Hale Aloha Towers. Each team was given a dress from Goodwill, which donated zippers and other accessories which are all recycled, as well as other recycled materials such as rice bags, trash bags, duct tape and bubble wrap.  The students were also given one identical  white silhouette dress designed and constructed by the APDM students which they could use for the construction process.

Winning in White - Team and model wins Goodwill Dollars

With only forty-five minutes to construct, Andy and their APDM advisor’s words of wisdom, the Freshman had a true challenge of creating a piece of recycled fashion to waltz down the runway. Each team came up with a look that completely exceeded my expectations. The winners were difficult to choose, but it ended up being the team which used the most “wearable” look. On top of Andy’s approval, the crafty winners and their model each got $10 to spend at Goodwill.

This brings me back to my initial point, which is , sustainability is fashionable.  Paradoxically, not enough clothing is “eco friendly”, be it ready to wear or runway. One day, perhaps, all fashion will be re-used, re-purposed or recycled.  This method, I feel, actually forces the designer to be more authentic and creative.

Fashion’s Night Out with a lot of Goodwill

Hawaii’s fashion industry is definitely growing, but it’s still comforting to know that in someway, it’s such a small world.  Take for instance, Fashion’s Night Out – 2011.  This Goodwill Hunter tracked down two runway shows on Friday night – first Old Navy followed by Neiman Marcus.
The Old Navy fashion show was emcee’d by Mrs. Hawaii – Lara Fonoimona.  She’s the reigning Mrs. America first runner-up and a valued member of the Goodwill Goes GLAM Squad. She was approached to be a Goodwill Goes GLAM Squad member because of her heart and talent.  Seriously, her beauty is only surpassed by her humility.

Lara Fonoimoana - Mrs. Hawaii 2011, Rebecca Guiterez - Old Navy Ala Moana Store Manager, Tristyn Takenaka - Old Navy Service In Training Manager, Tyson Joines - Old Navy fashion show producer

Old Navy has a ton of goodwill.  The Ala Moana Old Navy store recently kicked-off a major eco-friendly, donation to Goodwill industries of Hawaii.  Old Navy receives their clothes shipped on hangers.  They’ve made an on-going commitment to donate their unused hangers to Goodwill in support of Goodwill Goes GLAM! 2012.  It is truly a win, win, WIN situation. It’s good for Old Navy. great for Goodwill and great for the environment.  Many thanks to Rebecca Guiterez, the Ala Moana Store Manager and the entire Old Navy crew.  Goodwill Goes GLAM! is an event that will spotlight Hawaii’s style industry as an economic stimulator and contributor to job-creation, while offering the opportunity to explore Goodwill’s own educational, employment and training programs.   For more information go to

Liana Green-Wright - stylish & stunning wearing Old Navy. Photo by Edz Photog

Let’s talk fashion.  Tyson Joines produced the Old Navy runway show, which started on time, a rarity in the industry.  His favorite look of the night was Liana Green-Wrights 70’s layered outfit styled by Tyson Cook.  Elements included a white men’s button down, underneath a tan vest with a cinched waist, a perfect pairing giving Liana the all-American look.  Joines went on to say that the leopard print scarf and flared bell bottom jeans added to the Rachel Zoe-70’s boho inspired look.

Andy South in demand - look for his new line at Neiman Marcus

 The evening’s crescendo was all about Andy South and the launch of his line sold at Neiman Marcus.  When you think of Neiman Marcus, perhaps elegance, quality, class and great visuals – comes to mind.   What a perfect fit – for a designer the likes of Andy South who is certainly known for his talent and unique fashion voice.  But he is that and so much more.  You’ve read about his heart and his causes.  Just last month, Andy was the featured guest at the Downtown Fashion Wine Walk.  This benefit for Goodwill Industries of Hawaii helped support its mission of helping people with employment barriers become self-sufficient.

Malia (Niche Models) elegance with an edge at the Neiman Marcus runway show

Andy South and Lucy Chelini - Public Relations and Merchandise Manager at Neiman Marcus

To get more information about Fashion Week at Ala Moana Center click here. Happy Fashion Hunting!

Downtown Fashion Wine Walk – For a Great Cause

An unforgettable evening – Tina strikes a pose wearing a blue flirty dress ($6.99) from the Beretania Goodwill.
At six-o’clock sharp, Pauahi Street – between Nuuanu and Bethel – magically transformed into a buzzing street festival with participants including downtown merchants, consumers and experts (of wine, food and fashion), government leaders and supporters of Goodwill.  It was the perfect Friday evening (Aug. 19, 2011), for a great cause – Goodwill Industries of Hawaii, and a great mission – helping people with employment barriers reach their full potential and become self sufficient.

Goodwill board members State Rep. Marcus Oshiro and Pat Wong. Also, Governor Abercrombie, Dr. Nancie Caraway, Andy South - fashion designer extroadinaire and Laura Robertson - Goodwill Industries of Hawaii President/CEO

Emcee, Bridget Gray weclomed attendees to the first ever, Downtown Fashion Wine Walk and thanked Governor Abercrombie and his wife, Dr. Nancie Caraway for their support and participation.  Jay Niebuhr, president of (ADMA) Arts District Merchants Association  recognized Hawaii’s own Andy South, Project Runway 2010 finalist.

Jay then introduced Laura Robertson, President and CEO of Goodwill Industries of Hawaii (GIH).  She thanked ADMA for choosing GIH as the beneficiary of the event and made a very special announcement about Goodwill Goes GLAM! a showcase of talent, treasure and style —  in August, 2012.  She went on to share that it includes an exclusive fashion show featuring Hawaii’s top models and stylists setting the stage for an unprecedented 24,300 square-foot marketplace of glamour and vintage items donated by retail partners and collected from Goodwill stores.

An exclusive announcement about Goodwill Goes GLAM! by Laura Robertson, President & CEO of Goodwill Industries of Hawaii

This major Island fashion event will put the spotlight on Hawaii’s style industry as an economic stimulator and contributor to job-creation, while offering the opportunity to explore Goodwill’s own educational, employment and training programs.   Laura expressed her gratitude for Dr. Nancie Caraway and all that she does for the community and proudly introduced her as the Honorary Chair of Goodwill Goes GLAM!  Dr. Caraway said a few words in support of this upcoming event and thanked ADMA for organizing the Downtown Fashion Wine Walk and their support of local businesses.  The crowd was buzzing about the announcemnt of this major fashion event to hit the islands in 2012.  Reporters and photographers gathered around the event stage.

Shari, Tina, Shawn, Lara, Kecia (Bella Torre Academy), Samantha and Kera Copeland

After perusing the festival and taking in wine, appetizers and signing up for Key Ring (Goodwill’s pilot into the mobile technology realm) the crowd settled in for the highly anticipated Fashion Show.  This crescendo of style started out with amazing looks from Florencia Aria. The crowd loved the sounds of DJ Silvana as the runway lit up with signature pieces from Catherine’s Closet, Fashionista’s Market, MiSHMaSH, Super Citizen and… Goodwill closed the show with a fashionable bang!

Tina Jones, Roycen Dehmer and Samantha Iha-Preece after watching Dresscue Me (a Planet Green & Goodwill re-design/reuse reality show) at The Venue

The Downtown Fashion Wine Walk was a success and event organizers expressed that it was the the first  but certainly not the last.  To learn more about Goodwill Goes GLAM! and how you could get involved – become a Goodwill Goes Glam Squad member, a Goodwill Ambassador Business Partner or an event sponsor, go to or visit

Model Citizen

Reveal #1 - Hawaii News Now Sunrise Reporter - Malika Dudley, Tina (make-over recipient) and Rene Rodriguez (make-up artist). This retro dress was just $6.99 from the Beretania Goodwill store.

You never know who you’ll meet when you walk into a Goodwill store.  Last month, I went to the Beretania store location to research a back-to-school bargain story .  Seriously, it’s THE place to find great deals on back-packs, graphic tees, board shorts and so much more.

That’s when I met Tina, a cashier at Goodwill.  As a fashion writer and former fashion show producer, my model radar is pretty sharp. I’m often intrigued when I meet a natural model-in-the-rough, like Tina, who has no idea how fabulous she really is. Tina graciously accepted my invite to become a Goodwill Goes Glam Squad volunteer and model.

Tina - before Reveal #1 - at the beautiful Goodwill Store in Kapolei

Tina was raised in Missouri and graduated from an AmeriCorps  program in California which referred her to Goodwill in Hawaii.  She moved to Honolulu in 2010 and started working at the Goodwill store.  Tina credits Goodwill for giving her the customer service skills and retail experience that she now possesses.  She told me that she sees, first-hand how Goodwill changes peoples lives and that she believes in the organization’s mission, helping people reach thier full potential and become self-sufficient.

In promotion of the Downtown Fashion Wine Walk  , Hawaii News Now and Goodwill created make-over magic.  The transformation was incredible. Earlier in the week, professional stylist, Kyle Kagamida (Kagamida Styling) pulled a few “Day” and “Evening” looks from the Beretania location.  On the day of the make-over and reveal, Kyle and Rene Rodriguez, a noted up-scale make-up artist, fully transformed Tina into a cover-girl.  See for yourself.

Sarah Davis (Goodwill Kapolei Manager). Malika Dudley, Rene Rodriguez, Tina Jones, Kyle Kagamida, Amanda Stevens


(Editor’s note: Is it just me or does Tina look like Alicia Keys ?)_______________________________________________________________________________________________________



Presented by the Arts District Merchants Association


Friday, August 19, 2011, 6:00 – 10:00 p.m.

Local, Downtown-based fashion designers and boutiques are the focus of a fun and fashionable event – The Downtown Fashion Wine Walk.

Although this event is free and open to the public, purchasing a $25 ticket includes access to wine tasting and appetizers at area boutiques and shops, entry to a trunk sale, chances to win great prizes and the opportunity to be one of the first in Hawaii to view a segment of Dresscue Me, a Planet Green and Goodwill presentation hosted by Shareen Mitchell, beloved for her unique and affordable approach to vintage clothing.  PLUS, a portion of the proceeds of all tickets sold goes to Goodwill Industries of Hawaii, whose mission is to help people with employment barriers to reach their full potential and become self-sufficient.

Tickets now on sale at

For event information, contact, Sandra Fowler (Super Citizen Store) at 599-4333