The Goodwill of Old Navy

Old Navy is eco-friendly and eco-chic. Their stores on Oahu have been providing Goodwill Industries of Hawaii with hangers for almost one year. Initially, the hangers were to be used for the inaugural public awareness event Bank of Hawaii presents Goodwill Goes GLAM! a monumental event week that took place at the end of August, this year. The partnership has turned into so much more. Old Navy and Goodwill continue this eco-friendly partnership, together helping to keep items out of Hawaii’s landfills throughout the year.

From left to right: Tyler Nguyen, Thomas Thrapp, Rebecca Gutierrez (Old Navy Ala Moana General Manager), Ryan Kusumoto (Goodwill VP of Administration), Briana Sabado and Liezl Dulduao.
From left to right: Tyler Nguyen, Thomas Thrapp, Rebecca Gutierrez (Old Navy Ala Moana General Manager), Ryan Kusumoto (Goodwill’s Vice President of Administration), Briana Sabado and Liezl Dulduao.

Rebecca Gutierrez, the General Manager of Old Navy in Ala Moana shared; We are so lucky to continue our partnerships with Goodwill and help support Goodwill Goes GLAM!. I feel so fortunate that we are able to work with an organzation that helps to keep 13 million pounds outside of our landfills. Through our partnership we were able to recycle thousands of hangers and rally more than 20 volunteers to help out at their GLAM! event. We are so thankful for our partnership and having the chance to give back!

For the last two years, Tyson Joines has been an instrumental part of Old Navy’s fashion show during Fashion’s Night Out. His styling highlights the playful elegance and simplicity of the Old Navy signature looks of the season.  Tyson Joines was a stylist mentor representing the Goodwill Goes Green segment featuring repurposed items from Goodwill designed by 2012 graduates from the UH Manoa APDM department at Goodwill Goes GLAM! in August. Here are a few shots from the Old Navy fashion show (Sepember 6, 2012) courtesy of photographer Jonas Maon.

Photos by Jonas Maon of – Old Navy Fashion Show – Fashion’s Night Out 2012

Four of the models (Rhonee Rojas, Morgan Clark, Katie Daly and Neka Stephens) that were featured in the Old Navy Fashion’s Night Out Fashion Show were also featured in the Elements of Goodwill Fashion Show at Goodwill Goes GLAM!  They are part of Goodwill’s GLAM Squad of talented volunteers.

The beautiful and bright Stacey Snee, Mrs. Hawaii 2012 was the emcee of the fashion show.  The magic behind the scenes was led by Tyson Joines and assisted by Dayna Kalakau. The key hair and make-up artist was Lorena Morallo Takushi.  Also on the talented team of hair and make-up artists were Aisha Bretz-Reese, Aloha Ilean Taulani, Marissa Deponte, Paulette Kitchell Fukumoto, Natalie Kim, Mel Mariano, Jr. and Mei of Salon Mei.

Photos by Jonas Maon of – Behind the scenes of the Old Navy Fashion Show

Goodwill appreciates Old Navy’s ongoing support.  Goodwill’s 501(c)(3) non-profi mission is to help people with employment barriers to reach their full potential and become self-sufficient.

Fashion Scholars – Spring Showcase

Moses Gouveia and Leslie Nilo - Presidential Fashion

The University of Hawaii at Manoa (UH Manoa) and the Honolulu Community College (HCC) each showcased their students’ talent from their respective fashion programs this Spring.  In the days leading up to the two fashion shows I interviewed HCC Fashion Society president, Moses Gouveia  and the UH Manoa Innovators of Fashion Club president, Leslie Nilo.

It was a joint interview, intentionally planned –  I confess, to get the two busy presidents together to talk about their programs and to share their fashion inspirations and aspirations.

It takes a good amount of dedication, passion and sacrifice to serve as the president of their clubs. Leslie and Moses share much in common – they are both humble, very talented and feel comfortable mentoring the future Fashion Stars in their programs.  They are both Goodwill GLAM Squad members who have committed to support this summer’s public awareness event – presented by Bank of Hawaii called Goodwill Goes GLAM!  This public awareness event will help to support Goodwill Industries of Hawaii‘s mission – to help people with employment barriers to reach their full potentail and become self-sufficient.

The Goodwill Hunter *(TGH) – Tell us about this year’s fashion show and your role in it.

Leslie – The UH Manoa Apparel Product Design and Merchandising (APDM) program’s 2012 fashion show is called REVOLUTION  and I’m involved in the planning and production of the show.

Moses – The name of the HCC fashion show is called LE REVE – THE DREAM.  Aside from mentoring and fundraising, I’m also involved in the production of the show.

TGH- What or who inspired you to join the fashion program at your school?

Leslie – I’ve been told that I have an eye for styling.  In addition to styling, I have a deep interest in event planning and production.  I enjoy bringing varying elements together and creating a whole new original look.

Moses – It’s easy Valentino is my fashion icon and inspiration.  His designs are romantic, opulent and feminine.  Another one of my fashion icons is the model Iman.  No one is like Iman – one of the original Super Models.

TGH- You’re both a part of your school’s fashion programs, what is your specific area of interest?

Leslie – I’ve just graduated with my Bachelor’s degree and my major was in Apparel Product Design and Merchandising (APDM).  My emphasis was in merchandising.

Moses – My emphasis is on Fashion Design, but I am very drawn to Fashion Production.  I would love to continue to produce fashion shows.  My plans after graduating from the HCC Fashion Program is to attend UH Manoa and join the APDM program in Fall of 2013.


Here are a few shots from the exciting HCC Fashion Show LE REVE, April 28, 2012.  Goodwill GLAM Squad member, Rhonee Rojas is pictured below rocking the Aloha Wear.

The UH Manoa APDM Program partnered with Goodwill Industries of Hawaii this year.  The eight senior designers were each given $50 in Goodwill dollars. Much like the store Mood Designer Fabrics from Project Runway, Goodwill served as the students’ only textile resource. Their challenge was to repurpose items from Goodwill, keeping within their $50 budget.  Each chose an Era to focus on.  Their repurposed designs were debuted at their annual fashion show, this year named REVOLUTION on April 29, 2012.  The segment was called Goodwill Goes GREEN.

Designs from:  Anna Tomita, Kathryn Stringer, Melissa Lee and Ryan HanaokaDesigns from: Kate Hooven, Fiona Ng, Matt Gonzalez and Feliz Salas

All of the UH Manoa APDM Senior designs from the Goodwill Goes GREEN segment will be featured in the windows at the Kaimuki Goodwill store in June.  Be sure to look for their photos in the Goodwill Hawaii facebook page and “like” the ones you “like” the most in June.  You may be eligible to win a Fast Pass at Goodwill Goes GLAM.  The senior designs will be featured at the Goodwill GALA & VIP Pre-sale on August 23.

Here are more details about this highly anticipated event:

From Aug 23 -26, 2012, Goodwill Industries of Hawaii will have its inaugural public awareness event – Bank of Hawaii presents Goodwill Goes GLAM! Talent Showcase & Treasure Marketplace.  This four-day event takes place at the Neil S. Blaisdell Exhibition Hall.  To launch the week, there will be an exclusive Goodwill GALA & VIP Pre-sale on August 23, 2012. This includes the Gala dinner, Fashion Show and first access to the Pre-sale featuring more than 50,000 treasures and bargains.  This is followed by the Goodwill GLAM! Sale - open to the public from August 24-26, 2012.  All proceed benefit Goodwill’s mission: to help people with employment barriers to reach their full potential and become self-sufficient.

Be sure to go to to learn more about how you can get your exclusive Fast Pass tickets, or how you can volunteer and get involved.  Here’s a preview of the innovative fashions you’ll be able to see at the event.

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