Good to Glow: DIY Halloween Costumes That Glow in the Dark


With some DIY know-how and the right materials, all you’ll need is a little motivation to make any costume glow this Halloween. Light-up outfits are not only fun, but also offer the safety of added visibility in the dark. Here are a few ideas to get you glowing. Click on the photos for detailed instructions on each costume.

Stick it to the Man

Here’s an example of an LED stick figure costume on a child, but this could easily be converted into an adult-sized costume.

Goodwill Halloween Costume Contest Glow 1

YouTube Preview Image


Bioluminescent Jellyfish

Many species of jellyfish actually DO glow in the dark naturally. Emulate this with a scientifically accurate marine life costume.

Goodwill Halloween Costume Contest Glow 2

Futuristic Light Suit

For the extremely skilled craftsperson, get suited up in the style of Daft Punk and Kanye.

Goodwill Halloween Costume Contest Glow 3

I, Glow Robot

Here’s a fun way to use repurposed materials you may have around the house.

Goodwill Halloween Costume Contest Glow 4

I Live For the Applause

People will surely go gaga over these homemade glasses.

Goodwill Halloween Costume Contest Glow 5


Make your fairy costume even more magical with these wings that glow in the dark.

Goodwill Halloween Costume Contest Glow 6

Night Rider

Finally, pull it all together by cruising around on this sweet ride.

Goodwill Halloween Costume Contest Glow 7

Snap a photo of your completed costume and submit it on our Facebook page to be entered to win an iPod Touch and other prizes. More information here.

10 Clever Ways to Repurpose Old T-Shirts


Craft old t-shirts into something new with these clever projects. Supplement the tees you find at home with inexpensive ones from Goodwill. We’d love to see what you come up with! Share your finished projects with us on Instagram by tagging us @higoodwill.

1. Outgrown your graphic tee collection? Make them into hip BABY BIBS! These make great gifts for new moms! Learn how here.


2. Add a pop of color to your room with a fun BRAIDED RUG.


3. Weave old t-shirts into a stylish CLUTCH BAG.


4. Store small items in a compact and cool COIL BOWL!


5. Decorate or make a playful lei out of t-shirt POM POMS.


6. Give your dog something extra special to chew on with this repurposed DOG TOY.


7. Create a new option for bad hair days with a BRAIDED HEADBAND.


8. Sew a soft and comfy BABY HAT out of t-shirt cloth!


9. Show off these handmade QUILTED COASTERS the next time you have people over:


10. Add a bit of frilly charm to any room with a fabulous RUFFLE PILLOW.


What else can you make out of old t-shirts? Happy repurposing!

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Create a Unique Costume at Goodwill

Looking for a unique, affordable Halloween costume? You’ll find everything you need to create the one-of-a-kind look that you desire at Goodwill Industries of Hawaii.

By purchasing gently used items, you’ll save on your Halloween costumes and decorations, and no one will know that you didn’t buy new! Not only will you save big, but your purchase will help provide job training services to people with disabilities and disadvantages in Hawaii.

Here are some easy costume ideas you can implement using items from Goodwill. Find the store nearest you by clicking here. When you’re done creating your look make sure to enter The Goodwill Halloween Costume Contest – Celebrating a Century of Film with HIFF to win a Year of Shopping at Goodwill!

Zombie: Find a ball gown or vintage suit. Purchase face makeup to create the ‘dead’ look and smear fake blood on your face, hands or clothing.
Zombie kit










Vampire: Pick out a button-down shirt and black pants. Create a dark-colored cape from a secondhand tablecloth, sheet or curtain. Top off the look with white face paint, black eye makeup and fangs.
Vampire fangs









Pick out a colorful oversized suit and button down shirt. Add a funny hat, wig, nose and some clown makeup to complete the costume.
Clown make up












What will you be this Halloween? Share your ideas in the comments section below and make sure to enter the Goodwill Halloween Costume Contest.

The Goodwill of Hawaiian 105 KINE

KINE no background copy1

Goodwill Industries of Hawaii thanks Hawaiian 105 KINE – The Hawaiian music station, for being a valued sponsor of the public awareness event week Bank of Hawaii presents Goodwill Goes GLAM! September 19-22, 2013 at the Neal S. Blaisdell Exhibition Hall.

Hawaiian 105 KINE is a popular music station, playing Hawaiian music for listeners across the island. Radio personalities Billie V., Mele Apana, Dave Lancaster, Bruddah Wade, and Sistah Sherry bring fun and laughter through our radios.

Fashion derives from inspiration through many things. It can come from nature, architecture, culture, and even music. Ever listen to Anuhea on Hawaiian 105 KINE and feel inspired to channel her girly/edgy style? Bank of Hawaii presents Goodwill Goes GLAM! can help you create a look inspired by your favorite artist with its treasure trove of amazing fashion. Here’s a Mossimo bustier for sale at the event. In the right hands, this piece could be a modern take on Maddona or a very Rihanna worthy piece!