Learning to Dress For Cold Weather

In the year 2000, I left Hawaii to attend college in Washington, D.C. I can still remember what I wore the first time the temperature dropped. I donned a long sleeve Gap tee, an orange and green Roxy jacket, bootlegged jeans and running shoes with white socks. I topped it off with my hair in a high bun and an unseasonably fresh FIMO® tiare flower perched at its side. My look was not fashionable in the conventional sense. Nor was it warm in the functional sense. Stepping outside uncertainly, I decided that cold weather was not my thing. Still, I needed to learn how to defend myself from the seasons. And running from heated building to heated building did not count.

A second challenge was my student’s budget. I worked at the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Department of Literature for a small stipend. This helped to cover my sale rack expenses. The biggest hurdle proved knowing WHAT to buy. Here is where this guide comes in.

Pictured below are a minimal eight basic must-haves for cold weather (the essentials are pretty much the same for men and women, although the items pictured are in women’s sizes). And yes, you wear them all at once. Layering is key.

484x253_Cold Weather Essentials

The primary objective is to dress in what feels comfortable and keeps you cozy. Visually, this can take many forms, so don’t worry too much about what is right or wrong… What’s fashionable is subjective and constantly changing anyway. Consider thrift store shopping when purchasing items for trips to the mainland. It’ll save you money for sightseeing, delicious meals and other more important expenses.

Catherine Au Hoy is a Marketing Specialist and blog contributor at Goodwill Industries of Hawaii. Have a blog idea or would like to contribute? Email us at [email protected].

Thrift Shopping Playlist: Songs That Aren’t By Macklemore

Here are some tunes for you to thrift to on this rainy Wednesday. What are some of your favorite fashion-related songs? Share with us if you can add to this list.

The Kinks – Dedicated Follower of Fashion

YouTube Preview Image


Yo La Tengo – Autumn Sweater

YouTube Preview Image


Weezer – Undone – The Sweater Song

YouTube Preview Image


The Pet Shop Boys – Shopping

YouTube Preview Image


De La Soul – Shopping Bags

YouTube Preview Image


Jonathan Richman – Lonely Little Thrift Store

YouTube Preview Image


Paul McCartney – Vintage Clothes

YouTube Preview Image


Cake – Short Skirt Long Jacket

YouTube Preview Image


The Coasters – Shoppin’ For Clothes

YouTube Preview Image


ZZ Top – Sharp Dressed Man

YouTube Preview Image


David Bowie – Fashion

YouTube Preview Image


Finally, here’s one for the donations drop-off section:

Erykah Badu – Bag Lady

YouTube Preview Image

Sport This: Last Minute Costume Ideas


If you’ve waited until now to find a Halloween costume, chances are you’re quick on your feet once you get started. Celebrate that athleticism with one of these sporty looks. If you’re speedy enough, you’ll even get to enter our Goodwill Hawaii Halloween Costume Contest (CLICK HERE). Happy Halloween, old sport.

Aerobics Instructor

Get physical like Olivia Newton-John and fit like Jane Fonda. Tae Bo’s Billy Blanks, the infamous Richard Simmons… The options for characters who cardio are endless.


Tennis Pro

Whichever throwback look you choose, you won’t be a zero, but the verdict on your costume will be LOVE.


Water Sports Enthusiast

What better place than Hawaii to be one of these vintage bathing beauties.


Early 20th Century Golfer

Tuck your pants in your socks and get ready to hit the town in style.


Avid Jogger

One of the more customizable sport costumes, with styles ranging from completely covered up to barely there.


Old-Timey Boxer

This rowdy little getup will have you hollering, “Lemme at ‘em!” at the costume contest.



Good to Glow: DIY Halloween Costumes That Glow in the Dark


With some DIY know-how and the right materials, all you’ll need is a little motivation to make any costume glow this Halloween. Light-up outfits are not only fun, but also offer the safety of added visibility in the dark. Here are a few ideas to get you glowing. Click on the photos for detailed instructions on each costume.

Stick it to the Man

Here’s an example of an LED stick figure costume on a child, but this could easily be converted into an adult-sized costume.

Goodwill Halloween Costume Contest Glow 1

YouTube Preview Image


Bioluminescent Jellyfish

Many species of jellyfish actually DO glow in the dark naturally. Emulate this with a scientifically accurate marine life costume.

Goodwill Halloween Costume Contest Glow 2

Futuristic Light Suit

For the extremely skilled craftsperson, get suited up in the style of Daft Punk and Kanye.

Goodwill Halloween Costume Contest Glow 3

I, Glow Robot

Here’s a fun way to use repurposed materials you may have around the house.

Goodwill Halloween Costume Contest Glow 4

I Live For the Applause

People will surely go gaga over these homemade glasses.

Goodwill Halloween Costume Contest Glow 5


Make your fairy costume even more magical with these wings that glow in the dark.

Goodwill Halloween Costume Contest Glow 6

Night Rider

Finally, pull it all together by cruising around on this sweet ride.

Goodwill Halloween Costume Contest Glow 7

Snap a photo of your completed costume and submit it on our Facebook page to be entered to win an iPod Touch and other prizes. More information here.

10 Clever Ways to Repurpose Old T-Shirts


Craft old t-shirts into something new with these clever projects. Supplement the tees you find at home with inexpensive ones from Goodwill. We’d love to see what you come up with! Share your finished projects with us on Instagram by tagging us @higoodwill.

1. Outgrown your graphic tee collection? Make them into hip BABY BIBS! These make great gifts for new moms! Learn how here.


2. Add a pop of color to your room with a fun BRAIDED RUG.


3. Weave old t-shirts into a stylish CLUTCH BAG.


4. Store small items in a compact and cool COIL BOWL!


5. Decorate or make a playful lei out of t-shirt POM POMS.


6. Give your dog something extra special to chew on with this repurposed DOG TOY.


7. Create a new option for bad hair days with a BRAIDED HEADBAND.


8. Sew a soft and comfy BABY HAT out of t-shirt cloth!


9. Show off these handmade QUILTED COASTERS the next time you have people over:


10. Add a bit of frilly charm to any room with a fabulous RUFFLE PILLOW.


What else can you make out of old t-shirts? Happy repurposing!