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It’s time to evolve. Retailers world-wide are rapidly shifting their axis, so-to-speak, focusing more on mobile marketing and less on social media.  Mobile applications are the new technology “tools of choice” for retailers as they aspire to build greater brand loyalty and foster deeper customer engagement.  Corporate gurus recognize that smartphone savvy customers expect real-time, geo-specific, easy-to-access information and free downloads.

What does this mean to the consumer? If you haven’t already done so, you’ll get to ditch the bulky rewards cards and start storing offers onto your mobile devices.  Women, your wallets will no longer have that unsightly bulge. Men  you’ll be able to sit in your chairs and balance your assets with ease – no longer having to live with that dreaded “Costanza wallet.”

Goodwill Industries of Hawaii (GIH) knows that so many of us are on the move, constantly multi-tasking, and a good number of Goodwill shoppers (and supporters) are comfortable with mobile technology.  So, GIH will be launching its mobile application of choice – Key Ring – at the Downtown Fashion Wine Walk on Friday, August 19 on Pauahi Street.  Go to for more event details.

What is Key Ring

Key Ring is the top rated shopping app on both iPhone and Android platforms. Key Ring also supports Blackberry and Windows Mobile 7, making it the only app of its kind to support all four major platforms. Best of all it is FREE for consumers.

Why did Goodwill choose Key Ring?

GIH is constantly looking for creative ways to utilize technology to effectively communicate its programs and mission- helping people with employment barriers to reach their full potential and become self-sufficient. GIH chose to work with Key Ring for the Downtown Fashion Wine Walk because of the ease of use Key Ring offers and also the potential for larger audiences to become aware of GIH’s retail operations and how that helps GIH serve the community through our mission programs and services.

What will take place at the Downtown Fashion Wine Walk?

Goodwill’s Glam Squad will assist visitors to sign up with Key Ring in order to access exclusive offers from participating boutiques as well as gain entries for a prize giveaway. More people will be driven to visit the Downtown fashion boutiques.

Want to test it out?

Give Key Ring a try by going to your application store and searching for “Key Ring App” and downloading, remember it’s FREE.  Or just click here  for more information on Key Ring and how you can download it right away.

2 thoughts on “Planet of the Apps

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  2. I must admit the Key Ring app has substantially “de-constanza’d” my wallet. Plus I never need to remember to bring my loyalty cards, one of the most practical apps I have.

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